Digital Projects



The Colored Conventions and the Carceral States,”


The Fight for Black Mobility: Traveling to Mid-Century Conventions,”, co-curated with Jessica Conrad.


Black Women’s Economic Power and the 1830s Colored Conventions,”

Contributor and Editorial Work


Proofreader and data visualization contributor: “Before Garvey! Henry McNeal Turner and the Fight for Reparations, Emigration and Black Rights,” curated by Denise Burgher and Andre Johnson,

Proofreader and data visualization contributor: “Stake Claim or Take Flight: The Birth of Southern Conventions After the Civil War“, curated by Eileen Moscoso and Rosalie Hooper,

Editor and data visualization contributor: “Equality Before the Law: California Black Convention Activism, 1855–65,” curated by Gabriel Barrett-Jackson, Emma Cones, Christina Delany, Lindsay Drapkin, Lila Gyory, Sydney Hemmindinger, Rosa Pleasant, Reilly Torres, Victoria Walker, Daniel Waruingi,

Editor, data visualization and research contributor: “Working for Higher Education: Advancing Black Women’s Rights in the 1850s,” curated by Sharla Fett and David Kim in consultation with Kabria Baumgartner,                  

Editor: “To Stay or To Go? The 1854 National Emigration Convention,” curated by Ashley Durrance, Hannah Harkins, Nicholas Palombo, Leslie Rewis, Melanie Berry, Christy Hutcheson, Eli Jones, and Morgan Shaffer,

Contributor: “Henry Highland Garnet’s ‘Address to the Slaves’ and its Colored Conventions Origins,” curated by Harrison Graves and Jake Alspaugh,



Researcher and map creator: Empire and Suffrage Syllabus, UC Consortium for the Study of Women’s Gender and Sexuality History in the Americas.

Co-creator: Colored Conventions Project Teaching Guides, created in collaboration with Pier Gabrielle Foreman and for CCP digital exhibits:

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